Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why so much money for so little time?

A frequently asked question is "How come you charge so much for a four hour event?" This is a very good question and there is a very good answer. Although your event will only last four hours on that day, our effort will average 7-8 hours. We will plan to arrive to set up two hours before the start time (after commuting there), then we will play for the four hours and then there is an hour breakdown time plus the commute home. All that adds up to about 8 hours of time which, on average, is a normal work day for most folks. Once we add in the time spent before your function (meeting with you, planning the paperwork and music) our total time and effort spent on your event will be approximately 13-14 hours.Now, it is important to realize that this time and effort spent on your event is not typical of most DJs. It is typical for us, but not for most. In fact, one of the questions you should ask your DJ or entertainer is exactly how much time and effort will they put into your event for you. If you don't like their answer, or if it isn't 10-14 hours or more - move onto the next person!

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