Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It really is that simple...

I have just gone through two client meetings within one week and I have learned a few things along the way. I'd like to share them with you and stress the importance that, when it really comes down to it, keeping everything "simple" is really the basis for things to run smoothly.

Here are some of the things I have learned:

  1. LISTEN to what your clients need - FIRST!
    1. If you really listen to what they need, you'll know right away what it takes to give them what they want and at the right price for both parties.
  2. Price your services accordingly.
    1. If they need a simple party with no frills, you can almost certainly do something that is within their budget as well as your price range.
  3. Work with your clients - be flexible.
    1. This can go a long way beyond just the specific event for which you're providing entertainment.
    2. They will appreciate the flexibility and recommend you to others - friends, family & co-workers.
    3. Being sensitive to their needs also goes a long way.  Let's face it, the economy has hit all of us in one way or another and allowing clients to spread their payments out over time makes it easy on them and you still get paid - which is a good thing for you too!
  4. Respect your clients.
    1. Remember, they chose you!  You are working for them - don't ever lose sight of that.
    2. Let them select the things they want upfront, then - and only then - offer your advice and suggestions.  It is impossible to know what they want until they tell you so assuming anything else only sets you both up for failure.
  5. Respond promptly.
    1. Be available to them and answer their questions or concerns within 24 hours whenever possible.
    2. In this technological age, with texting, email, voice mail and social media available at your disposal, take advantage of them and use them to help you communicate. Almost all mobile devices allow you to use these applications immediately to effectively communicate.
  6. Get their feedback.
    1. Solicit their feedback quickly, while things are still fresh in their mind to get a honest response.
    2. Listen to their feedback and use it to improve wherever you can.
  7. Lastly...THANK THEM!
    1. I point to #1 in section 4 - "they chose you!" - make sure that you tell them that you appreciated their business and it was your pleasure to work for them.

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